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A Comparison Of Electrical Furnaces And Gas Furnaces


Houses can be easily heated in lots of ways so as to keep the occupants comfortable in cold or frigid climates. The electric furnaces shouldn’t be confused with electric heat pumps, which generates both heating and cooling. Both the electric and gas furnace units discussed produce heat only but in two diverse ways.

To find the correct furnace for your house, it is very imperative to select carefully between the gas and electric options. The primary costs are also different, as are operating costs and maintenance requirements. Also, while installing an electric or gas furnace, selecting the correct size system is important. A furnace which is very small won’t heat the home correctly. One that is very large will turn off and on more often than needed, causing the system to need more often maintenance.

Both is a simple to understand comparison of both the furnaces to help you select the correct one.

Many sites provide DIY instructions and tips for installing electric and gas furnaces. However, most of the professional heating experts like Tacoma Heating agree that such tasks are best when left to professionals.

The major difficulty in installing gas furnaces is the safety element of dealing with combustive element, generally natural gas. Heat exchanger and many other elements should be sealed faultlessly to avoid carbon monoxide leakage, a deadly gas, coming out from the unit. The procedure of installing gas furnaces need specialized tools, knowledge, and equipment that even an experienced DIYer won’t have. It also is time consuming. An expert heating professional can take many days to install as well as set up a brand new unit.

The higher voltage needed by electric furnace is a major reason experts are the best option for that kind of installations. Heavy duty wiring also is needed from furnace to electrical breaker box.

To ensure the security of the house’s occupants, all the municipalities have stringent inspections processes to ensure all installations are performed properly. It’s another reason to let professionals do the job for you.

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Energy and Heat Efficiency
An electric heating unit is the more effective of the two. This may have a yearly fuel-utilization-efficiency rating as higher as 100 percent. The gas furnace ratings however range from 55 – 97%. The largest factors in variation are the kind of unit selected and amount of heat that is lost through the gas furnace flue or any other areas.

High efficiency can be easily gained in the gas furnaces with a substitute to traditional pilot light like an intermittent, hot surface ignition, or direct spark. The higher costs of more efficient gas systems will most frequently be offset by the lower fuel cost in areas with bad winters.

Electrical furnaces are usually less costly to buy than the gas furnaces and inexpensive to install. The costs of a new electrical furnace range from $500 - $2,000, whereas a gas furnace can cost around $2,300 - $3,500 prior to installation. Installations of electric furnaces average $1,150 while the installation of gas furnaces average $1,500.

In spite of the high average efficiency and low initial purchase cost of electric furnace, the operational costs are higher because of the costs of electrical power.

The gas systems generally last nearly half as longer as electric unit: 10 - 20 years for the gas systems in contrast to 20 -30 years for the electric units.

Safety and Maintenance
An electric furnace tends to be simpler to maintain and needs lesser professional attention. However, a gas furnace, requires regular maintenance by a professional in order to keep it safe and efficient. ​​

Most Popular Furnace Myths You Should Know


As the winter approaches and temperature starts to drop, the homeowners will start to revisit the tricks and myths they hear from other people to decrease their heating bill and remain warm. So, here are some of the myths cracked along with the facts and truth.Its good to hire professional Heating Tacoma and know the truth in detail.

Cranking that thermostat can make your house heat faster

Nearly each homeowner has been there and done it – they are shivering and they crank the thermostat to its most highest setting, thinking it’ll warm the home quickly.

Truth: your furnace will deliver the air at same constant rate regardless of how high temperature is set. Only difference that it will actually make is it’ll run longer unless it reaches setting you’ve set.

Closing those registers and vents to decrease your heating bills

Many home owners believe that by closing registers and vents in unused areas and rooms, they will save on money.

Truth: Simply by closing the registers and vents off, the pressure isn’t equally distributed all through the house, causing the heating unit to work much harder to heat your house.

Saving money by repairing your old furnace, again and again

Furnaces run for nearly 4200 hours in a year (it’s a fact!). Think of that for one second, regardless of how nicely you take complete care of it, still it’s going to age if it works for so much time for many years. “Frankensteining” the old, and tired furnace can cost you much more money than eventually replacing it.

Truth: If the furnace has worked longer than 20 years, that is great, but it is also a fact that it is not going to last for much longer. It is the same logic like repairing an older car which has had lots of issues. The system’s lethargy will trigger damage in furnace’s firebox, and that increases the chances of the carbon monoxide poisoning!

Installing High-Efficiency Furnace only will decrease heating bill greatly

Certainly, installing new high-efficiency unit will certainly assist reduce your heating bills. But you should not count on it for being the single contributor to assist you save your money.

Truth: It will take a combination of different proper insulation, like sealing your windows, doors, attic space, duct work, plumbing pipes, and any cracks and leaks. Together, the hot air produced by the efficient system will remain in and will keep you hot and save your money.

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The larger is the heating unit, the better it is

When heating systems are considered, the bigger is not the better always. A few homeowners think that larger is the system, the easier it’s to warm up the house.

Truth: If size of the unit is incorrect, it’ll only do much more harm than doing good. If the unit is too large, it’ll overheat your house, leading to higher heating bills. Be careful when selecting the contractor as some will convince the homeowners to make bigger purchase.

Insulating the windows have no functionalities

When you stand by the room windows, you will feel hot during the summers and cold during winters. This is because of the reality that heat transfers.

Truth: During fall or winter season, un-insulated windows allow cold air to come inside and let the heat to escape.

Thus, as you upgrade traditional windows into the double pane window, you can keep much more hot air in the home. Moreover, if you’ve a lower budget, you also can save lots of energy by simply setting up lower-emissivity film together with reflective property on the windows. As a fast fix, you also can hang heavy drape or install the honeycomb blinds. All this will assist you in saving good amount when it comes to energy bills along with avoiding the requirement of frequent repair.

Maintenance Tips For Heating Systems


Winter is here now and it remains here for some months. The best method to stay hot is to remain indoors, so it is time to ensure that your heating unit stays functioning properly. Many of the heating units are furnaces, and to keep those up and working, they need yearly maintenance. If the furnace shuts down for no reasons at all seemingly, or is inefficient/ malfunctioning, it may be 10-second fix; but, it may be something serious as well. Here are a few fast heating unit maintenance tips so as to keep the unit up and running all through the winter season.

  • Check Filter – One common issues among heating units is when the filter should be replaced or cleaned. Your filter keeps the heating unit running healthily and efficiently, however if you do not clean it after a long time periods, it can cause a few minor damages which will need repair. You must clean your filter in every 1 to 2 months, but every month preferably. All you have to do is taking it out, vacuum, and put that back in. In case it is not running properly still, you may have to purchase a new filter immediately.
  • Thermostat – The thermostats are what actually makes your heating unit turn off and on. If your thermostat is broken, then it does not know when it is hot or cold. As you might guess, this causes some complications. If your heating unit will not turn on, or it just turns off and on as it pleases, you may then need a heating expert to solve the issue. A good check by the professional to see if thermostat is working is to bump that up or down some degrees and find if it turns on. If everything is working fine when it is actually running, the thermostat might be malfunctioning.​
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  • Gas Leak – Gas could be hazardous. If you see gas leakage, smell gas, or find a leakage coming from your heating unit, then open the windows and doors, go outside, and contact a professional.
  • Pilot Light Out – The pilot lights can go out frequently. They may not stay lit as well. Sometimes it’s a simple fix, however not always. Check the pilot light by discovering the gas valve as well as turning it off, wait some minutes, turn it to pilot setting and then try to light that with a lighter or match. If it catches, then turn valve to on position. If that does not stay lit, but you think that you correctly did it, call an expert to have a look. Pilot lights are next common, fast, and inexpensive repair.
  • Clean Your Heating Unit – Furnaces should be cleaned on a regular basis, and this can be done by the professionals only.
  • Inspect Wiring – If the heating unit isn’t turning on, do not jump straight to the technical causes…it can be the wiring only. Check wiring to control panel and other connections to make sure they are tight fully. It may be a simple blown fuse in electrical panel of your property.
  • What Is The Smell? – If you find yourself ever asking this around heating unit, turn off and contact a professional. Although it might not be serious enough, it can be an oil or gas leakage.
  • What Is The Sound? –Another question lots of homeowners find out themselves asking. The heating units aren’t loud until something is wrong. Loose bearing or belt can be the issue. Oftentimes tension belt can be blamed. In order to find it out and fix it before it gets a more serious problem, contact Heating Tacoma.

How to Deal With Electrical Issues?


Electricity is a very innovative invention. It comes very useful in each and every aspect of life. There is no aspect in which we don’t use electricity. But what if a mishap occurs? Although electricity is a friend of humans, you never know when it’ll blow up. What do you do when it blows up? There can be a short circuit, or even a minor blow, or in some cases, fire. There can be various other mishaps. They can be fatal if not tended to. As a person with little or no knowledge of electricity and how it works, what would you do? How would you cope with this?

  • Call Electrician Tacoma immediately. If you find any electricity issues, major or minor, call an electrician. Tell them of the problem thoroughly. Tell them each and every detail of the mishap. An electrician is a very skilled person in the field of electricity and knows better than you do. Call him immediately after you find an electrical problem.
  • Do not try to fix the issue yourself. It can be very fatal to try and fix it, as an electrician is more skilled than you are and he can do his job better. Let the electrician do his own job.
  • Try smelling the air. If it smells weird, like a burning wire, or sour, it’s a burnt or burning wire. It can cause your house to catch fire. Call an electrician and find the source of it until he arrives. Stay away from the source.
  • If you switch off a light and the electricity of the house blows up, or the fuse blows, call the electrician. It may cause problems especially in the night.
  • If suddenly power goes off, check your main switch. Check if it’s on or off, and turn it on if it is off and check electricity. Also check the power supply and voltage, along with checking the wiring. If the problem persists, call an electrician. ​
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  • If a fan or air conditioner goes off suddenly, look for the main switch. Check the condenser or coils to see it they are rusted, or something is blocking them. Check the wiring as well. If you can not find a source for the problem, call an electrician.
  • If you continue experiencing a spark in a particular switch or plug insertion, check with an electrician and make an appointment. The sparks can cause fire. Keep children away from that particular switch or plug insertion.
  • Please wear plastic/rubber shoes while checking the wiring, power supply, main switch, etc, and keep children away at all costs.
  • To avoid electrical problems, do not keep wires hanging loose and open. Get your house wiring maintained every now and then. Call an electrician immediately if the situation seems to be out of your control. If there is a short circuit, stay away from the source and get everyone else out of the house immediately. Be regular on maintenance.

Electricity is a big boon for the humankind but it can also be fatal. It is always good to keep a watch and be wary. Call an electrician wherever necessary. Try checking problems yourself, and if they are fixable, fix them yourself to save the cost. If the problem is major, or is persistent, call a skilled electrician. As mentioned, keep children away, and keep checking doing little by your too to avoid electrical problems, like checking the wires regularly, keeping them maintained and using good quality wires, etc. It will reduce the cost and possibility of major electrical problems. ​

How To Avoid Plumbing Emergencies?


Certainly, in a perfect world, there will be no emergency, and while you cannot prevent problems always from arising, a few emergencies occur due to the problems which have been building over time. Therefore, what could you do to decrease the risks of serious plumbing issues in your house?

1. Get to understand your plumbing systems
Do you really know where the main water valve tends to be located and how can you turn it off? In case there is a leakage or another issue with your system, then you are probable to be the very first person to see, so it is vital that you are familiar with the systems so that you can turn the water off as soon as probable and avoid all further damages to your house.

2. Do not misuse your systems
Some plumbing issues are caused by simply flushing down things in the toilet that your system cannot handle. Toilets are actually built to process particular types of wastes only, so do not try to flush down things like paper towel, cotton wool, baby wipes, or anything else which is not toilet paper.

In case you have garbage disposal, then there are some things you should not put down there. Oily or Greasy foods can leave film on blades making them inefficient, while rice and pasta can swell with the water and block up the system. Fibrous vegetable peels and Egg shells can wrap themselves in the blades and must be disposed of immediately in smaller quantities. Finally, the non-food products shouldn’t be placed in garbage disposal as they can’t be broken down sufficiently to be washed.

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​3. Service or Replace old components
How old is the boiler? It is a great idea to keep a track of how long years you have had your system – the boilers last for nearly 15 years, thus if yours tends to be on its last leg it might be time to consider getting a brand new one. Regardless of how old the system is, it is also vital to get the boiler serviced yearly. This can keep the boiler running properly and it means that you may get some more years out from it than you would otherwise.

4. Sparingly use chemicals
Home plumbing chemicals like drain cleaners might not be solid enough to tackle each problem you might run into. A few clogs are caused due to major build-ups which have hardened in the pipes, and they might need an expert Plumber Tacoma to take complete care of them. A few chemicals are intended for specific pipes only and can also cause damages to your plumbing and cause clogs if utilized inappropriately.

5. Don’t attempt to do repair yourself
If you aren’t very confident of the plumbing skills you have, don’t try to repair an issue yourself. Trying to repair a problem like a leakage without professional assistance can worsen the issue and create more damages. If in doubt, then call a local emergency plumber they can fix the issue for you with less hassles.

By following all these tips you could take steps to decrease the risks of any plumbing emergencies in your home. But, some emergencies are quite unavoidable and looking after your unit well does not guarantee you will not run into any issue.

If you find yourself with any plumbing emergency, quickly call a skilled and professional plumber. The professional plumbers are there to assist and they will reach to you as quickly as possible so that you never need to deal with any emergency yourself.

How To Avoid And Thaw The Frozen Pipes?


Feeling the chill? With weather getting colder, now is a great time to think of your pipes in your home or office and how can you protect those from freezing or bursting this winter. Below are some of the things that you can perform to prevent the pipes from freezing.
Preventing Frozen PipesTake Complete Care of Your Outer Pipes

Outside pipes could freeze in colder weather. If you could isolate water supply to outside tap with inner shut-off valve, it’ll help to prevent issues from taking place.

Utilize Insulated Foam Sleeving
The pipes in basements and attics or the ones fixed to the external or inside walls are most probable to freeze since such areas are unheated usually. They also lack insulation, however, you can change it by lagging them utilizing insulated foam sleeving. Remember that thinner the pipe, thicker the insulation has to be – it must be 5cm at least in diameter. Ensure there is no gap at bends or valves. Sleeving can be also used on external condensate pipe located at back of condensing boiler in case you have it.

Don’t Insulate Below Your Tank
It’s important if the tank is in loft. Your loft can be colder if the floor is insulated, since it’ll be blocking heat which generally rises from room below. In case you can avoid, don’t insulate underneath of the tank - but insulate the sides and top to prevent heat from escaping.

Get The Boiler Serviced
In case you haven’t serviced your boiler already ready for winter, then there is no time like present. Having the boiler looked by an expert Plumber Tacoma is the most excellent way to safeguard it against any breakdowns.

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Fix Dripping Tap
Dripping taps can lead to problems because if drip freezes the pipes will become clogged. Ensure to replace washers on the dripping taps to prevent this.

Leave The Heating On
In case you’re enough lucky to be escaping out to somewhere a bit warmer this winter season and leaving your home to fend it for itself, think of leaving heating on at low temperature. While making it off fully will save your money, you can end up regretting if any pipe bursts and leads to expensive damages to your house. While you are away, leaving the loft hatch open also is a good though as it enables heat to move around your pipes and tank. If your house will be unoccupied for long time, think of turning off water at stopcock as well as draining down the systems so that there’s no water in pipes. You also may want to ask your friend to check your house on a regular basis.

Find the stopcock
Make sure that you know where the house’s stopcock is located and that you could turn it off when needed.

How To Thaw The Frozen Pipes?
If you find yourself with the frozen pipes, then there are some things that you can carry out to thaw them. The very first thing to perform is to turn the water supply off at stopcock by just rotating it clockwise first, and then turn your heating system off. You then can slowly thaw the pipes using hot water bottle, a towel soaked inside hot water, or hairdryer on lowest setting. Begin at end closest to tap. Turn the tap closest on to the affected areas so that you can find when the ice starts to melt.

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