Maintenance Tips For Heating Systems

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Winter is here now and it remains here for some months. The best method to stay hot is to remain indoors, so it is time to ensure that your heating unit stays functioning properly. Many of the heating units are furnaces, and to keep those up and working, they need yearly maintenance. If the furnace shuts down for no reasons at all seemingly, or is inefficient/ malfunctioning, it may be 10-second fix; but, it may be something serious as well.
Here are a few fast heating unit maintenance tips so as to keep the unit up and running all through the winter season.

  • Check Filter – One common issues among heating units is when the filter should be replaced or cleaned. Your filter keeps the heating unit running healthily and efficiently, however if you do not clean it after a long time periods, it can cause a few minor damages which will need repair. You must clean your filter in every 1 to 2 months, but every month preferably. All you have to do is taking it out, vacuum, and put that back in. In case it is not running properly still, you may have to purchase a new filter immediately.
  • Thermostat – The thermostats are what actually makes your heating unit turn off and on. If your thermostat is broken, then it does not know when it is hot or cold. As you might guess, this causes some complications. If your heating unit will not turn on, or it just turns off and on as it pleases, you may then need a heating expert to solve the issue. A good check by the professional to see if thermostat is working is to bump that up or down some degrees and find if it turns on. If everything is working fine when it is actually running, the thermostat might be malfunctioning.​
  • Gas Leak – Gas could be hazardous. If you see gas leakage, smell gas, or find a leakage coming from your heating unit, then open the windows and doors, go outside, and contact a professional.
  • Pilot Light Out – The pilot lights can go out frequently. They may not stay lit as well. Sometimes it’s a simple fix, however not always. Check the pilot light by discovering the gas valve as well as turning it off, wait some minutes, turn it to pilot setting and then try to light that with a lighter or match. If it catches, then turn valve to on position. If that does not stay lit, but you think that you correctly did it, call an expert to have a look. Pilot lights are next common, fast, and inexpensive repair.
  • Clean Your Heating Unit – Furnaces should be cleaned on a regular basis, and this can be done by the professionals only.
  • Inspect Wiring – If the heating unit isn’t turning on, do not jump straight to the technical causes…it can be the wiring only. Check wiring to control panel and other connections to make sure they are tight fully. It may be a simple blown fuse in electrical panel of your property.
  • What Is The Smell? – If you find yourself ever asking this around heating unit, turn off and contact a professional. Although it might not be serious enough, it can be an oil or gas leakage.
  • What Is The Sound? – Another question lots of homeowners find out themselves asking. The heating units aren’t loud until something is wrong. Loose bearing or belt can be the issue. Oftentimes tension belt can be blamed. In order to find it out and fix it before it gets a more serious problem, contact Heating Tacoma.


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