Most Popular Furnace Myths You Should Know

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As the winter approaches and temperature starts to drop, the homeowners will start to revisit the tricks and myths they hear from other people to decrease their heating bill and remain warm. So, here are some of the myths cracked along with the facts and truth. Its good to hire professional Heating Tacoma and know the truth in detail.
Cranking that thermostat can make your house heat faster
Nearly each homeowner has been there and done it – they are shivering and they crank the thermostat to its most highest setting, thinking it’ll warm the home quickly.
Truth: your furnace will deliver the air at same constant rate regardless of how high temperature is set. Only difference that it will actually make is it’ll run longer unless it reaches setting you’ve set.
Closing those registers and vents to decrease your heating bills
Many homeowners believe that by closing registers and vents in unused areas and rooms, they will save on money.
Truth: Simply by closing the registers and vents off, the pressure isn’t equally distributed all through the house, causing the heating unit to work much harder to heat your house.
Saving money by repairing your old furnace, again and again
Furnaces run for nearly 4200 hours in a year (it’s a fact!). Think of that for one second, regardless of how nicely you take complete care of it, still it’s going to age if it works for so much time for many years. “Frankensteining” the old, and tired furnace can cost you much more money than eventually replacing it.
Truth: If the furnace has worked longer than 20 years, that is great, but it is also a fact that it is not going to last for much longer. It is the same logic like repairing an older car which has had lots of issues. The system’s lethargy will trigger damage in furnace’s firebox, and that increases the chances of the carbon monoxide poisoning!
Installing High-Efficiency Furnace only will decrease heating bill greatly
Certainly, installing new high-efficiency unit will certainly assist reduce your heating bills. But you should not count on it for being the single contributor to assist you save your money.
Truth: It will take a combination of different proper insulation, like sealing your windows, doors, attic space, ductwork, plumbing pipes, and any cracks and leaks. Together, the hot air produced by the efficient system will remain in and will keep you hot and save your money.
The larger is the heating unit, the better it is
When heating systems are considered, the bigger is not the better always. A few homeowners think that larger is the system, the easier it’s to warm up the house.
Truth: If size of the unit is incorrect, it’ll only do much more harm than doing good. If the unit is too large, it’ll overheat your house, leading to higher heating bills. Be careful when selecting the contractor as some will convince the homeowners to make bigger purchase.
Insulating the windows have no functionalities
When you stand by the room windows, you will feel hot during the summers and cold during winters. This is because of the reality that heat transfers.
Truth: During fall or winter season, un-insulated windows allow cold air to come inside and let the heat to escape.
Thus, as you upgrade traditional windows into the double pane window, you can keep much more hot air in the home. Moreover, if you’ve a lower budget, you also can save lots of energy by simply setting up lower-emissivity film together with reflective property on the windows. As a fast fix, you also can hang heavy drape or install the honeycomb blinds. All this will assist you in saving good amount when it comes to energy bills along with avoiding the requirement of frequent repair.


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